Quick answers to our frequently asked questions

Two questions are popping to us all the time: " Is it like Uber? " and " It already exists no? " Well the answers are yes and no to both questions.

Yes, carpooling platform have been around for a while! But do you use it? The usage is so small! Just in Montreal, there are 600000 daily travels. A simple observation allows us to realize that most drivers are alone in their cars. What counts are the results. Reduce traffic, pollution and increase of quality of life. In that sense there is so much to do!

And No! SeastPlanet is not like the other platforms. You could seriously plan all your transportation with it. It is inspired by all the online booking systems: based on post availability, search and confirmation. It is designed for those who have big responsibilities like a family or important jobs.

And concerning Uber, the comparison is that it is Google based transport.

We simply need to clarify the terms here:
TAXI: Someone waiting for you to call, will pick you, bring you where you want.
CARPOOLING: Taking place in someone's car that would go there anyway.

The connection logic is very différent. By the way, Quebec legislation encourages carpooling...

We would enjoy free publicity like Uber but we have less chances of being controversial...


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